about me


already as a child, i loved to tinker, paint and sew. at the age of 12, my father gave me my first reflex camera. he explained photography to me and taught me how to develop photos. at the age of 16, i wanted to become a photographer and completed a one-year vocational school for photography. after a few years on professional detours, i then completed a school-based apprenticeship as a graphic designer, where i mainly learned technical and creative crafts. after that, i wanted to deepen my knowledge and studied communication design for another 8 semesters to try out and experiment, and gained experience abroad during my internship semester in ireland. after some time of professional practice in an agency, i realised my wish to work freely, flexibly and independent of location as a self-employed person. my profession is my full passion, so according to confucius, i don’t need to work a day more.


at the age of 13 i decided to become a vegetarian and have been vegan since 2013. i buy mostly organic and plastic-free or unpackaged food. i cycle most of the way and enjoy the fresh air and exercise, otherwise i use the bus.

voluntary commitment

i am as passionate about graphic design as i am about shaping our world. in order to support good causes, i combine the two. on a voluntary basis, i take care of design and am also involved in the following organisations: