editorial design

with a red thread through the book design

about schizophrenia

the 66-page book describes the above-mentioned topic from the point of view of nine affected people. their statements were transposed in such a way that the narrative is presented visually and thus becomes comprehensible. factual texts clarify and clear up prejudices and false knowledge. six portraits of those affected show people who do not look their diagnosis.

no animal today

the cookbook contains 28 vegan recipes. the texts are kept in short sentences and formally structured in such a way that the cooker can easily find it´s way back to the place looking for while doing the cooking. the pictures each shows an ingredient that is set in scene by dramatic lighting.

youth mobility in rural areas

the book reports about the experiences from the federal model project »youth mobility in rural areas« of the postillion e. v. in the municipality of wilhelmsfeld (rhein-neckar-kreis) and calls for the participation of young people in questions of mobility.
the green of the cover represents the meadows and forests in the countryside. the lettering used on the street signs and the rounded corners of the pictures highlight the traffic.

white space

the magazine about me and my first and second semester work shamelessly takes my way of working to the extreme with a lot of white space. colour was only used on one book page, but eight different types of paper were chosen to emphasise the respective topic.


the documentary deals with crumpling. already the book cover and the chapter openers are made of crumpled paper. the book presents existing products in a crumpled look, a one-dimensional and a three-dimensional work and contains twelve different crumpled paper samples.