transforming data into visual form


again and again, i experience, that people know little about the connections between human activities and their effects on the environment. therefore i would like to contribute to more environmental and climate awareness by presenting data graphically and thus providing information. i believe that sizes and relationships can be better absorbed and remembered in this way.


1 brazil
2 canada
3 china
4 germany
5 india
6 iceland
7 malta
8 russia
9 south africa

the given principle of breaking a line at 90 degrees each time, taking into account parameters of height and width and the number of repetitions, produces random patterns that allow the area and population of different countries to be captured and compared at a glance.

climate list baden-württemberg

the infographics are in the corporate design of klimaliste bw. the entire work can be found here.


the leporello contains graphically represented data about the viking music festival of the same name, such as the distribution of topless people or the number of kilt wearers, but also fictitious information such as the number of ice giants already killed. everything is designed in the appropriate viking style.