poster design

be seen through that certain something

environmental and climate protection

the political posters address environmental and climate issues such as rainforest deforestation, meat consumption, bushfires and speed limits.


the political posters address war issues such as weapons, soldiers and bombs.

society and social affairs

the political posters address societal and social issues such as consumption, labour and left and right-wing extremism.

heidelberg psychosis seminar

poster of the heidelberg psychosis seminar

the poster uses a quote as an eye-catcher. the poster informs about the trialogical self-help group. further information about the logo and brand design can be found here.

climate list baden-württemberg

the election posters for the state elections in baden-württemberg 2021 advertised the climate list bw. the entire corporate design can be found here.


poster about intersectionality

the colouring and arrangement of the different terms represents sections in the form of a cross. the poster advertises a conference on intersectional approaches of the “psychologische lesben- und schwulenberatung rhein neckar e.v.”. further information on the brand design and the topic of intersectional can be found here.