visual language in light, perspective and form


the series describes in five images the steps of how a dress becomes a string bag. the start and end products in full format serve as brackets. the actions, on the other hand, are detail shots and contain diagonals. the portrayed work is done by »lilidili», who recycles used things for sustainable products.

about schizophrenia

the six portraits of people affected by schizophrenia show that you can’t see the diagnosis on their faces. furthermore, each picture was alienated in a way that the person depicted describes his diagnosis himself in order to make it comprehensible. alienation techniques used are e.g. double exposure, montage or spraying the mirror image with water.

the entire work with texts on the subject of schizophrenia can be found here.


this series of photos was taken from a vegan cookbook. the intention was not to create »foodporn«, but to show the beauty of the ingredients. the model for this was edward weston, only a little more minimalist.

the book can be found here.

signs of time

i brought these photos with me from my holiday. i discovered bratislava with different eyes and searched for abstract arrangements of form and colour and found what i was looking for. geometry, patterns and signs of the times have their own aesthetic charm for me.


five potential murder weapons are deliberately photographed soberly and not at the crime scene. they are everyday objects that are only recognised as murder weapons in context. the dark shadows create drama and the diagonal arrangement creates dynamism.


the nine detailed photos of different types of meat show the different processing and structures and can be easily compared by placing them directly next to each other.

blue hour

das foto zeigt eine architekturaufnahme zur blauen stunde
die architekturaufnahme zeigt den kontrast zwischem künstlichem warmen und natürlichem kaltem licht.

the architectural shot during the blue hour, shows modern architecture and strict lines. the warm artificial lighting contrasts with the cool natural sky.